👋 Hi. So what problem are we solving?

1.5 billion people don't have access to adequate housing. Many people do not have a solid roof or a soft bed. It’s a big problem, and it’s worth working on fixing.

🌎 Doing the Earth a solid

The infrastructure associated with building homes and the wider built environment contributes almost 50% of all CO2. What if we could rethink the infrastructure of our houses? We now produce fossil fuel-driven power, gather non-renewable water sources, connect our internet to cables, and pour concrete foundations. What if none of that were attached to the grid, could pop up and move anywhere?

🛸 What we're building.

We're building out a hardware and full-stack software platform to go after the shelter problem for the world. Our platform will allow communities to move, scale, and pop up anywhere on the face of the planet. We call this "universal autonomous housing" (UAH).

Our team has taken the first step towards this goal by making a flat-packed structure that can ship anywhere, 12 on a single truck. Our core technology is in the 'chassis' system and the community-based software and IOT that allows us to modularize to all kinds of use cases.

Our MVP product is a solar-powered tent structure that pops up in a few hours, anywhere, and the software to find your happy place in nature.


🚚 This isn't vaporware - we've built and deployed over 80 off-grid, high-design rooms to over six sites in our first ten months! Here's a truckload of Jupes, flat packed, leaving our factory on a Wednesday (not a render):


🤯 And here's what those Jupes look like the next afternoon on site (not a render):


👩🏻‍🍳 But at our core, we're not building out just a few tents. We're building a sheltered platform and the software to enable the universal autonomous housing vision. Our one chassis can be reconfigured to be a garden, a bathroom, a relief shelter, or even a ball pit =) We'll also have satellite internet, like SpaceX's Starlink, at you can take a zoom call from anywhere.


🌍 Longer term, we want to help the world with an entire city on a ship. We'll be able to shift these around the world and reconfigure the fleet to whatever the most significant needs are on the planet at any place and time, whether that means providing dignified housing for refugees or accommodating remote workers who want to stay in warm climates year-round.

Here's a 300,000-living-unit city on a ship (render).


🧬 Our DNA.

At Jupe, we've got a set of values that the company operates on - this is our 'DNA.’ Our values are being open, running on first principles, being light on the Earth, experimenting, and making things simple. Oh, and we don't hire a-holes. Here's our complete set of values.

👯‍♀️ The Jupe team - not our first rodeo.

We've done this before - from a very early stage. CEO and Chief Designer Jeff Wilson built the award-winning modular IoT smart homes at Kasita and lived in a dumpster for a year to understand how to design small spaces. COO Antonio Gonzalez has scaled multiple hard tech startups and led business development at unicorn software hospitality startup OYO. Other current and original team members have designed Teslas, and rockets, been CEOs of app companies, and even designed electric scooters.


🚀 Jupe is funded by Y Combinator and Initialized.

Our $9.5M seed round (Tech Crunch piece) that closed in December 2021 was led by Y Combinator and by a VC that many consider the best early-stage investor in Silicon Valley, Garry Tan, and his firm, Initialized Capital. Initialized partner. Kim-Mai Cutler is one of the sharpest VCs in the broader housing space, having formerly written extensively on housing for Tech Crunch and others.

Here's a video from one of our Jupe sites where Garry breaks down the 'Universal Autonomous Housing' vision of Jupe.

Jupe is also a Y Combinator-backed startup - the same place where Airbnb, Coinbase, and Instacart started. Other investors include Gaingels 🏳️‍🌈,  Soma Capital, and founders and CEOs of places like Dwell, Flexport, Lambda School, and several others that can be found here.


🍬 All the perks…

At Jupe, all your bases are covered with excellent health, vision, and dental insurance, unlimited time away from the grind, and parental/family leave, but there's so much more. We offer a $2,500 annual stipend for healthy food and gym memberships. Every Jupe employee onboards with their cohort on an overnight train ride (you get your cabin!) out to the magical West Texas Art outpost of Marfa where you'll spend some time with the CEO imagining how you'll build the future with Jupe. You'll also get a four-day weekend in a glamping site somewhere in the United States and unlimited Jupe stays for you and a +1. Oh, and everyone gets a cool black jumpsuit.

💻 Ready to shelter the world and build the infrastructure the Earth deserves? Join us.

🥳 Ready to get started? Check out our position openings below, or let us know if you have other ideas on how you can help at careers@jupe.com!

📬 Positions open now → email us at careers@jupe.com or via 🟧 Y-Combinator